Maternity Photography

   Maternity is just a once in a lifetime experience. And there’s no better alternative of reminiscing this wonderful moment but with a professionally taken photograph.

Your photo can be enjoyed and shared with your loved ones especially when your child eventually grows and ages.

We firmly believe that there are times in our lives we should document regardless of how we feel about our bodies.

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design imagenes rivera photography miami florida
design imagenes rivera photography miami florida


Is by far one of those precious times. Hormones running a muck, growing waistlines, an otherwise bizarre body shape, and an insecure body image amidst the changes which are our excuses for avoiding cameras during pregnancy are the very reasons we need to get in front of cameras

Maternity photography are not just about a bump. They are not something we do just for our children to look back on. They are a way for us to celebrate the baby we’re about to meet, to celebrate our current partner or family, and to celebrate the strength of our bodies. That baby bump is beautiful. As women, we need to take back our bodies and take back celebrating what we are capable of. Think of all the things going on inside that space in your body. You’ve grown a brand new organ and a person! All those extra pounds you’re worrying about are extra blood and fluids to nourish and protect your baby, a brand new organ which filters what goes to and from him. That line running down from your middle is proof of hormones which tell your body how to grow your child for 40 weeks! There is such power in that!

A professional photographer can create a work of art.

Taking into consideration the best angles, lighting, effects, focus and depth – they can totally transform what would otherwise be just a shot of you, into a story, a feeling, a work of art. They can prepare any images you may want printed and give them a great finish that will ‘wow’ not only you, but your friends and family – images that relatives may want to purchase and treasure for themselves. Great photos make great presents too!

We offer the option of having your photo shoot done either in studio or on location at one of the beautiful parks or beaches. Contact us today to discuss which option is best for you.

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¨No language can express the power and beauty

and heroism of a mother´s love.¨

Edwin H. Chapin

design imagenes rivera photography miami florida

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