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   Children change every day!

They grow, develop, and mature by the minute, and, by hiring a professional children photographer, you will capture moments in time that will allow you to forever remember who your bundle of joy was throughout the monumental stages of life.

¨There is only one most beautiful child in the world

and every mother has it.¨

Punam Patil


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design imagenes rivera photography miami florida
design imagenes rivera photography miami florida

Baby pictures

Are so important because of the milestones. You do not count the age of a young child in years because a monumental amount of things change by month. Each of those milestones are photo worthy moments! Baby photography is every bit as important as the baby book. In the baby book you record the age your child is at as they reach their milestones, but the way they look at this stage seems to change weekly, if not daily.

The first year of a child’s life is incredibly action packed, and, with a professional photographer, you can create a visual memory book that will immortalize the way your child looked when they first learned to roll over, scoot across the floor, crawl, walk,  their first steps, the first time they start wanting to brush their own teeth, do the “butt scoot” down the stairs, try to escape from their crib, the list goes on and on!!! You can create a variety of artistic ways to display these memories. We can create a multi frame display of these milestone moments, or create a milestone album that can be used in place of or with a baby book, etc. These moments are priceless, and with a professional children photographer you can cherish these moments for a lifetime.

Children pictures are exciting to shoot because of the element of surprise!

You just never know what you are going to get! Each child you photograph is unique from the child from the shoot the week before and from the ones you’ll meet the week after! The purpose behind a professional photo shoot is to capture the essence of who your child is at this particular stage in their life! If your child is interested in music, have them photographed learning to play an instrument, if they are athletic, photograph them in their uniform playing the sport of their choice, if they are artistic and messy, photograph them getting messy and creating what they see as art!

Our style of photography

is not to pose a child in front of some gorgeous background. We do not enjoy the cookie cutter, same shoot as the last style. Your child is special and unique. Your child is YOURS! Remember the things that makes your child uniquely yours! Remember this phase of their life! Is that musical instrument that they are tinkering with now going to lead to something huge? Could they grow up to be a famous musician? Yes! And, if you have a professional children photographer you will have pictures with the ability to take you back in time, if only for a moment!

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